MLT Laser Scribing Systems

Whether instant coffee or soup in a bag – with the laser scribing method, bags and other plastic packaging is scribed at exactly the intended place.

The deliberate weakening of the material is designed to make opening the package easier. Our laser scoring system can be integrated in either the finishing process or the packing plant (online). Our customers mainly use the following foils and flexible films:
  • non-laminated foils such as PET, APET, PE, PLA, OPP, and PA, and
  • composite foils such as PET/PE, PET/Alu/PE, and PET/paper/Alu/PE
  • kraft paper
  • special materials from research and development

In these easy-opening solutions, the material can be scribed in the machine direction, cross direction or in a free form. Not all foils are the same. Different foodstuffs packagings have different barrier properties, which are derived from the foodstuff in question and its intended use of the packaging. The depth of material weakening is controlled by the MLT software and can be set with immense precision. This means that the barrier properties are not adversely affected or knowingly changed by the laser scribing process.

MLS Series

the MLT scribing laser systems

MLT laser scribing systems offer a special concept: they weaken foil webs with the maximum productivity and quality. Stand-alone laser systems are interim solutions and are integrated directly in the manufacturing or the rewinding process. Depending on the application and scribing method, all the usual material widths can be worked - with web speeds of up to 800 m/min.

To produce an easy-opening solution, the material can be scribed as follows:
  • in the machine direction (MD)
  • across the winding process (cross direction - CD), or
  • in almost any desired free form.

MLT laser systems are designed as modular. This allows a combined system incorporating all 3 scribing methods – straight from the factory or by retrofitting at a later date.

Scribing for Tear Tab with Notch
Tear Tab with Notch
Lasersystem on Customer Machine (Slitter)
MLT Lasersystem on Customer Machine
MLT Multisystem - Perforation & Scribing
MLT Multisystem - Perforation & Scribing

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