Laser Marking Systems

Laser marking systems from MLT offer high-end solutions in terms of product safety, serialisation and authentication certification. Industry is increasingly seeking efficient solutions for protection against counterfeiting.

Whether in the food industry, pharmaceuticals or automotive industry and suppliers (first and second tier / Tier-1, Tier-2), MLT laser marking systems are used in many different areas.

We are independent as regards the selection of laser sources (e.g. CO2, Nd:YAG, DPSS or fibre lasers) and offer a wide range of processing methods. This allows us to offer our customers laser markings on all kinds of different materials and in material interlayers

Advantages of MLT laser marking systems:
  • We offer system solutions as retrofits or additions to our systems.
  • MLT laser markings are applied permanently to materials; they give increased protection against counterfeiting, and protect against unwanted wiping off or removal.
  • Classic inks that might endanger the product characteristics by diffusion processes are simply not needed.

MLM series: Laser systems for markings and safety codes

We supply our MLM laser systems as turnkey installations, giving you an immediate efficient start to production. The laser systems meet the highest quality expectations as regards marking flexible web materials. The following are typical materials for marking:
  • films, such as PP, OPP, PLA, PET, PA, and aluminium,
  • laminated foils,
  • paper and cardboard,
  • metallic surfaces (e.g. medical implants),
  • wood and leather,
  • fabric surfaces (e.g. filter materials)

The systems can be equipped with different laser sources. Bar codes, company logos, safety marks or ascending or descending consecutive numbering can be applied.

MLM laser systems generate extremely fine structures and high-precision markings in all processes, such as: “on the fly" or interval cycles.

MLT - Laser Multimarking for various web width
MLT - Laser Multimarking for various web width
Lasermarking on Packaging - Manufacturer and Date of Production.
Example Lasermarking - Manufacturer and Date of Production.

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