Laser cutting systems

Our MLT laser cutting systems are similar to our laser scribing systems: they can be integrated in either the finishing process or in the packaging plant (on-line).

A wide variety of forms and shapes can be generated flexibly. Material is cut with the utmost precision. Changes between a wide variety of cutting patterns can be made during production.

We also provided suitable solutions for the safe removal of the particles generated, in addition to the laser cutting process itself. Our MLT suction and filter solutions are continuously being improved and optimised.

Advantages of MLT laser cutting systems:
  • The cutting contours are absolutely flexible and can be generated in almost any desired shape.
  • Extremely small cutting gaps in the micron range are possible.
  • Contactless free laser technology.
  • We offer a wide range of system solutions, absolutely tailored to our customers.

Offline MLS Series

Stand-alone laser systems are used in production processes as autonomous modules. All the usual material widths can be processed, with web speeds of up to 500 m/min or even more. The MLS Series is ideal for a wide variety of applications and cutting shapes.

The modular design of MLT laser systems allows them to be combined with other laser applications, such as marking or scribing. Individual modules can be retrofitted at any time.
Laser for cutting - Safety Features in a Banknote
MLT Lasersystems for cutting - Safety Feature in a Banknote
Example image of a MLT laser system for abrasives.
Example image of a MLT laser system for abrasives.

Online MLS Series

Our customers decide for themselves individually how they want to integrate the compact laser cutting module in the packing plants. These online modules automatically adapt to the tolerances in the packing process. Fast set-up times are guaranteed, should products or formats need to be changed.
The material can be cut as follows:
  • in the machine direction (MD)
  • across the winding process (cross direction - CD), or
  • in almost any free form shape.
Production - Operational area for MLT Lasercutting Systems
Production - Operational area for MLT Lasercutting Systems
Laser Cutting for window packaging
Laser Cutting for window packaging

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