The glass industry - laser systems

The glass industry employs MLT laser systems in a wide range of differing applications.

The requirements in this industry are very high, as production lines operate throughout the year and maximum reliability is therefore demanded.

MLT Lasersystems for the Glasindustry.
Laser technology can play on its strengths here:
  • very efficient laser sources for a large number of different types of glass.
  • special design for the harshest operating conditions at high temperatures
  • stable process in three-shift operation

Some of the application examples are:

Laser Cutting of Ampule.
  • cutting glass tubes
  • cutting ampoules/cartridges
  • scoring ampoules/cartridges
  • marking glass

Laser sublimation cutting, as it is known, e.g. of semi-finished tubes produces rounded and very smooth cut edges, which are very favourable for further processing.
One great advantage is that unlike mechanical scribing or cracking-off processes, this process avoids glass splinters, which must be eliminated at all costs especially in pharmaceutical industry applications.

Glass cracking by laser

This method is also known as "thermoshocking" and is used in the manufacture of drinking glasses.
The laser energy is targeted along a line to produce very local heating followed by brief cooling with compressed air or a water-air mixture, which breaks the glass very accurately. This process also prevents microcracks, or at least greatly reduces them.
Another advantage of this method is also a substantial reduction in necessary subsequent process steps, such as grinding or polishing.

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